Bulk cargo handling

For the goods are partial shipment as the raw material for cattle feed… Asiana Logistics are professionals providing solutions to the supply of services from ports to factories, warehouses such as packing, weighting, testing counting, inspection, transportation, delivery… With specialized

Customs agent service

Asiana Logistics was officially recognized agency activities by the General Department Customs, completed customs procedures under Decision No. 3079 / QD-TCHQ dated October 09th, 2015. With professional workforce, who are knowledgeable specialists, willing and able to support the export and

Delivery and Transportation of import – export containers

Asiana Logistics has extensive experience in importing and exporting goods through road freight transport combined with customs clearance at ports and can meet all customer needs! Let Asiana Logistics deploy container transportation solutions to suit your demands such as: Delivery.

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International service

Asiana Logistics services comply with international standards and international trade conditions.

Experienced staff

Asiana Logistics skilled workforce are expertise in all the activities of logistics industry in general and in the Vietnamese market in particular.

Cooperate with customer

Exchange, coordinate and regularly update customers on freight status to have them felt secure about their goods.

About Asiana Logistics

About Asiana Logistics

Established in 2010, Asiana Logistics Joint Stock Company has made a strong position in the logistics industry. Being one of the customs agents recognized by the General Department of Customs, Asiana Logistics is proud to bring together many experienced specialists

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Why Asiana Logistics ?

We believe in Asiana Logistics long experience in the logistics industry and feel secure about Asiana Logistics stevedoring services when the ship docked.

Mr. Quang, Uni - President, Operation Manager.

Custom declairation procedures, goods quarantine are done by Asiana Logistics quickly and effectively that help us boldly develop business with key commodities such as animal feed, fertilizer...

Mr. Nam, ANCO Supply Chain Manager.


Typical customers of Asiana Logistics in many areas: Animal feed, agriculture, textiles, iron and steel.